PHR Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
(And some "For Fun" FAQ's!)

Q: What is the Poodle Health Registry?
A: It is a website database where owners of Poodles can register any Standards, Miniatures, or Toys whose diseases have been diagnosed by a veterinarian. Anyone wishing to know about a registered dog can find it and learn its disease(s) of record.

Q: Who may click on the registry and learn about a registered dog?
A: Anyone with a computer that can access the Internet.

Q: Is the PHR (Poodle Heath Registry) a nonprofit organization?
A: Yes, it is an official 501 (c)(3) organization operated by volunteers with contributed money and services.

Q: Do I have to join something or be a member of an organization to obtain information?
A: No. The information is public domain as agreed to by the dog owners themselves.

Q: I breed Poodles. How can the Poodle Health Registry help my program?
A: You can inquire about prospective stud dogs and bitches to learn of any registered diseases. Some diseases are genetic, some are genetic mediated, and some have unknown causes.

Q: Can a breeder who sold a dog register that same dog with PHR?
A: No, only the current owner can register a dog. The breeder should certainly encourage the owner to register the dog with PHR, however.

Q: Our dog has multiple co-owners. Do all owners have to register with the PHR?
A: No, only one of the co-owners must sign the form to register the dog with the PHR unless there is a written contract between or among the owners stating otherwise.

Q: What if one of several co-owners objects to registering the dog with the PHR?
A: The dog may still be registered with the PHR. The dispute among the dog's co-owners is best resolved among themselves. Our policy is consistent with Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA). We only list dog information submitted to us and attested to by a professional diagnosis. The PHR listing does not give a dog a disease; it merely notes that a qualified professional has diagnosed the disease or condition in that animal. PHR makes no claim that a disease is genetic or not.

Q: What is a "registered" dog?
A: It is a dog that has been issued a unique registration number by a recognized national kennel club, such as AKC and CKC. International kennel club registrations also qualify.

Q: My dog is strictly a pet and is not registered with any kennel club. Can I still register my dog?
A: Yes, you can register your dog if you certify that it is not registered, and it has no kennel club number. Several circumstances can result in this situation, such as a rescue dog of unknown background or inheriting a dog from a deceased friend. Please explain the circumstances on your application form.

Q: What if somebody objects to an entry?
A: A registered owner’s objection or progressive update will be considered. Proofreading errors can be cited and corrected at any time.

Q: Is the registry secure from tampering?
A: Records locks and other prudent data safeguards have been installed. The data are backed up periodically. However, no claim is made for absolute perfection. Use or rely on the data at your own risk.

Q: How can I get a copy of data from the registry?
A: All data entries, such as pedigrees, lists of registered dogs, and their diseases may be downloaded and printed. Registration forms can be downloaded to your computer and printed as well.

Q: Can I be assured of privacy? Will you make my name available for spam?
A: Names of registered owners will not be available for nonauthorized purposes as a policy of PHR.

Q: How can I contribute a pedigree of a dog whose diagnosis is registered with PHR?
A: Email it or postal mail it to the address listed on the registration forms.

Q: Can you furnish specific veterinary medical advice about my dog’s condition or treatment?
A: No. Your own veterinarian is the best professional source for information about your dog. Some general information about diseases and links to organizations interested in those diseases are provided on this website.

Q: Can you refer me to a veterinarian who may be familiar with my dog’s disease, or put me in touch with other affected dog owners?
A: No. However, the links can take you to organizations that may help.

Q: Will disease information be updated as new medical data are reported in professional journals?
A: We will try to update information. No claim is made for timeliness or comprehensiveness of the general data available from this website. Use or rely on it at your own risk.

Q: My rescue dog has been diagnosed by my vet, but his pedigree is unknown. Can he be registered?
A: If you are the owner, explain the circumstances on your completed entry forms, and registration will be considered.

Q: What about cases of flagrant abuse of data or claims of injustice?
A: Claims of unethical behavior or injustice will be handled on a case-by-case basis by the volunteers who operate this website. We make no claim for infallibility.

Q: Have you answered all the questions that may occur?
A: PHR users are invited to submit questions and answers for consideration. Our goal is to be as helpful, practical, and accurate as we can be.


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