Registered Standard Poodles with SCC of the digit
(squamous cell carcinoma of the toe/toe cancer)

mode of inheritance: unknown

SCC of the digit (squamous cell carcinoma of the toe/toe cancer)

Toe cancer, also known as digital squamous cell carcinoma, is a primary malignant tumor of the nailbed. The tumor affects primarily black coated breeds, with the BLACK Standard Poodle at highest risk, followed by Black Labs, and Giant Schnauzers.

Some symptoms would be any type of lump, swelling, discharge, discolouring of the quik, or any type of infection that won`t clear up with antibiotics. Repeat infections are especially suspicious. The symptoms can appear alone or in combination.

Squamous cell carcinoma in the Standard Poodle is considered a multi digit problem, but there are many SP`s who have only had one toe amputated and never have another problem.

Lysis (bone erosion) will be evident on x-rays in over 80% of the cases.

Amputation is the only way at the present time to stop the cancer from spreading to adjacent lymph nodes. Thankfully, *most*, (but not all) squamous cell carcinomas are slow moving, and amputation alone should be curative.

Registered Standard Poodles:

Bonwill's Anessa (Am/Can Ch. Terima The Moor x Bonwill's Princess Leia)
Kasalland's Barefoot Contessa (Can Ch. Mage's Master Magician x Can Ch. Kasalland For Your Eyes Only)
Cosmic Nevermore Electra (Ch. Cosmic Apogee xCh. Nevermore Pickford)
Andiamo (Argent's Minuit Aggresseur xBaroque Bridgette)

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