Registered Standard Poodles with JRD (juvenile renal disease)/Renal Dysplasia

mode of inheritance: recessive is all that is known to date

JRD (juvenile renal disease)/Renal Dysplasia

Juvenile renal disease (JRD), also known as renal dysplasia, is a recessive disease in standard poodles. Both parent have to carry the gene(s) for the disease to appear in a puppy. The parents do not have to have the disease themselves. In JRD, the development of the kidneys in utero is abnormal, and the kidneys remain abnormal after birth, with fetal or immature cells in place of many normal kidney structures. Puppies can be affected to different degrees, and sometimes only one pup in a litter will be affected, while all pups in another litter may be affected. Most puppies with JRD are diagnosed before two years of age, and die before they are three. Some puppies, however, have less affected kidney tissue or have only one kidney affected, and these puppies, particularly if they are diagnosed before they are symptomatic, may live good quality lives for many years, with an appropriate renal diet, water soluble vitamins and omega-3 fatty acid supplements. Although the renal damage is not reversible, the quality and length of the puppy's life will certainly be improved by early treatment.

To enter your standard poodle who has or who had JRD in the research project to find the gene markers for the disease, please contact Susan Fleisher.

Registered Standard Poodles:

George-JRD/standard poodle # 1 (Turbo Timothy Hibernia x Peppertree Lucy Lucille)
Good Win Against All Odds-JRD/standard poodle # 2 (Ch. Kaylen's Reason To Believe x Ch. Good Win One Tuff Cookie)
JJ litter (Graphic X Marmaloo)-JRD/standard poodle # 3 - 3 puppies in litter (Am/Fin/DK/Int Ch. Graphic Double Take x Fin Ch. Marmaloo My Fair Lady)
Amandier Lily Willow-JRD/standard poodle # 4 (Ch. Aftermath It's About Time x Amandier Promises Promises)
Parrish Hill Cassandra-JRD/standard poodle # 5 (Ch. Maestoso's Comic Relief X Ch. Pinafore Parrish Hill)
Graphic VII-JRD/standard poodle # 6 (Ch. King's Champagne Taste x Ch. Graphic Silverdollar)
Koa / Never registered (Ch Hanovia Chase's Highlander x Ch Chase's Incantation)
Lapponia's Nieidamanna (Am/Swed/Fin/Dan Ch Canmoy's Rubiazo x Swed/Fin/Dan Ch Lapponia's Samenieida)

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