Registered Standard Poodles with IBD (inflammatory bowel syndrome)

mode of inheritance: unknown

IBD (inflammatory bowel syndrome)

Inflammatory Bowel Disease includes several gastrointestinal diseases classified by the location of the inflammation and the types of cells causing it. Symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, and change in appetite. These symptoms are often chronic, but maybe intermittent as well. While the cause of IBD is currently unknown, some suspect that genetics may be a factor.

Registered Standard Poodles:

Penhurst Queen Of Spain MX, MXJ(Ch Aleph Blue Skies Outrageous x Ch Penhurst Foolish Whispers)
Nevermore Foss (Ch Nevermore Douglas x Ch Nevermore Vaughan)
Carrington's Capital Gain (Ch Lemerle Silk Comedian Of Keja x Ch Carrington's Eternal Flame)

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