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This site has a link for each Poodle variety: Toy, Miniature, and Standard. Each of the three links will take you to a site that lists all the diseases for which a dog may be registered in the PHR. There is also a line for "other," should you come up with a disease which is not already on the list. Those listed diseases for which one or more dogs are already registered become hyperlinks, live URL links which will take you to that disease page on which there is a description of the disease and a list of all the PHR registered dogs who have that disease. The names of the dogs with the disease are themselves hyperlinks that take you to the individual dog's page. Each dog's page will include the AKC/CKC/KC/etc. registered name, date of birth, sire's name, dam's name, a four-generation pedigree, COI (coefficient of inbreeding) at ten generations, littermates' names, half littermates' names, and offspring's names for that PHR registered dog.

We will also list dogs who are obligate carriers of the gene(s) for a disease, known as such because they have produced offspring with that disease. In some cases, the owner of the sire or the dam may not want her/his dog listed, while the owner of the other parent does want to register her/his obligate carrier. When this happens, we will list the dog whose owner wishes to be listed in the registry.

For an example of how the site works, the disease-listing page for Standard Poodles has an entry for Addison's Disease, along with other diseases. The Addison's link will take you to the main Standard Poodle Addison's page. On that page, there will be a brief description of the disease (Addison's in this case), links to good sources of information about Addison's on the Web, a link to a current study on Addison's Disease in Standard Poodles, and a list of all the names of dogs with Addison's that have been registered in the PHR.

The names of these Standard Poodles with Addison’s will be linked to a page for each dog that will have additional information about that dog. This is a temporary step that will be used until a Poodle Database has been designed and is available on the PHR Website. The Poodle Database will have all this information, and you will be able to query the database for additional information on all PHR registered Poodles.


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