Registered Miniature Poodles with Epilepsy (seizures)

mode of inheritance: unknown

Epilepsy (seizures)

Idiopathic epilepsy (also called "primary" epilepsy) can occur in all varieties of Poodles, as well as at least 25 other breeds of dogs. Research indicates that idiopathic epilepsy is inherited. Recent studies by the Poodle Epilepsy Project at Florida State University suggest that at least in some bloodlines of Standard Poodles, idiopathic epilepsy is inherited as a "recessive" disorder. That is, both parents must pass down a defective copy of the gene to an offspring in order for that offspring to have seizures. However, neither parent needs to have seizures in order to pass down a defective copy of the gene. Two "carriers," each of whom possesses one good copy and one defective copy of the gene, can produce offspring with seizures if they are mated with each other. Because there are many factors that can cause seizures besides idiopathic epilepsy (such as metabolic disorders, poisoning, infectious disorders that affect the brain, etc.), it is important for dogs with seizures to get a thorough diagnostic work-up to determine if any of these other factors are causing the dog’s seizures. For further information on seizures, their causes, consequences, and treatments, please contact Barbara G. Licht, Ph.D., Department of Psychology, 209 Copeland St., Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL 32306-1270; Phone: (850) 644-6272; Fax: (850) 644-7739; Email:

Registered Miniature Poodles:

U-CD Ravendune Proof Positive UD (Ch Bahrstar's Midnight Dancer x Ravendune Hell's Belle)

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